Download Post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG APK Latest Version

Download Post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG APK Latest Version

Download Post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG APK Latest Version

Many users simply adore the post-apocalyptic setting, but most games are about the United States, and almost none of them touch the post-Soviet space (except Metro, of course). And the enthusiasts decided to fix it and created the ATOM RPG.

AtomTeam studio has released ATOM RPG game for Android platform. This is reported by Informant Tech , referring to Google Play . Download Post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG APK Latest Version

In 1986, the USSR and the Western Bloc were virtually destroyed in a nuclear exchange. You are one of the survivors of the apocalypse. Your task is to explore the cruel and mysterious world of the Soviet Wasteland, win your place under the sun in it and unravel a sinister conspiracy that threatens life on Earth even more than atomic war. ATOM RPG was released on iOS devices at the end of May this year, and finally the Android version appeared. The game costs 225 hryvnia and offers for this money more than 60 hours of gameplay with a turn-based combat system, various character builds and many dialogues with NPCs, of which there are more than 600 in ATOM RPG. has 88% positive reviews, out of a total of 5,580.

The mobile version has a number of differences that optimize the gameplay. First of all, it is an improved interface that allows the player to manipulate his character and the world around him with the same ease as when using the keyboard and mouse on the PC version. Reading is also not difficult due to the larger fonts and the optimization of the dialog box. In addition to control with the help of normal screen touches, which has been carefully optimized, the mobile version also supports direct character control using the on-screen joystick. It was a very pleasant surprise that the mobile version is equipped with the functionality of a single account, which allows you to transfer save files from the PC version of the game and from the console versions of the game to a mobile device and vice versa. Player,

We previously reported that the post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG Trudograd is out on Steam in Early Access . They also wrote that SpaceX has successfully launched another batch of Starlink satellites .

Download Post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG APK Latest Version

  1. Click on the “Download ” button for a complete installation.
  2. Download the “ ” Installer setup (NOTE: This setup is supported resumable download).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
  4. Let it Download in the specified directory of your Device.
  5. Run the and Enjoy Playing Full Version .

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