How to win at Realm Royale tips

How to win at Realm Royale tips

How to win at Realm Royale tips

How to win at Realm Royale tips

Not so long ago, Steam appeared in early access. Realm Royale , formerly known asPaladins: Battlegrounds . Since it combines the genre of “royal battle” and MMORPG, then not all players can understand its gameplay. That is why we have prepared a guide, following which your life time in Realm Royale and effectiveness will need to increase.

Realm Royale has in common with PUBG orFortnite – an airship flies over the island, from which players land on any point on the map. There are 100 of them, the last survivor wins. The game world here is not so big, so the rounds go on 16-20 minutes. The island is shrouded in poisonous fog, which reduces the core every 2-3 minutes.

Unlike PUBG or Fortnite, Realm Royale offers to choose a character from one of five classes, each with its own set of weapons and abilities. There are many items, but the number of items used is minimized, no long digging in the inventory.

In addition, the inventory and user interface are combined, quick movement is available at any time, you can die several times. In total, Realm Royale has 10 key differences from the classic games of the genre, knowing which you can improve your game class.

Find your character class and play style
Realm Royale gameplay is based on characters, or Champions, as they are also called. There are five classes to choose from: Warrior, Engineer, Killer, Mage and Hunter, and, as in MMORPG, each class has its own style and tactics of the game. If you can’t play for the Killer, try Hunter or War.

How to win at Realm Royale tips

The player is not required to be a universal, on the contrary, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each class and adapt your actions to them.

All Champions use two weapons (cold, firearms, special) – primary and secondary, with little reference to the class. There are also three slots for skills, and more abilities – three ordinary ones, one for movement and one passive.

The analysis of the possibilities of each character is beyond the scope of this guide, so we will tell you what style of game they are designed for, in order of increasing complexity:

The mage does not use firearms; instead, he has powerful spells that inflict area damage and pass through targets. He can fly above the ground, becomes indestructible, throw himself with fireballs.

All this makes him the best class for a beginner who needs to get comfortable. Maneuverability, the ability to strike from anywhere – these are the Magician’s strengths, and the class ability enhances the potions efficiency by 30%.

The warrior is strong in dagger combat and constantly regenerates health

Its abilities allow you to quickly approach the enemy and cause unacceptable damage, and at a long distance the warrior defends himself by throwing his ax, and without reloading or recoil. The main thing is to find the target for the attack.

How to win at Realm Royale tips

The hunter reloads weapons 10% faster than others, uses mines that fire when approaching, is able to quickly approach the target or retreat.

It is best revealed in a battle at medium and close range, if properly managed, it becomes extremely difficult to kill the Hunter.

Killer (Assassin) – suitable for those who know how to play secretly, attentive and observant. This character can create smokescreens, be invisible, teleport or throw throwing grenades.

The killer should not climb on the rampage, his element – sudden blows from the back and planned ambushes. Due to passive ability, it moves 10% faster than others.

An engineer is a typical support, weak and vulnerable in battle. And although the engineer constantly regenerates his armor, his abilities are designed to deter or suppress enemies while the character bypasses them for a flank attack

Even an experienced player is hard to control, the Engineer works best in a team with players who can cover him.

Now, based on this information and taking into account your strengths, you can choose the character whose game style will best reveal your abilities. Now Realm Royale is not as difficult a game as the Paladins orOverwatch , where you need to select characters for balance in the team and fully play your part in it, here you just need to find your own style. How to win at Realm Royale tips

How to win at Realm Royale tips

Use fast movement and height
While in flight, adjust the landing site, for which press the movement buttons and turn the mouse to the desired point. If you look at the horizon, you can fly further. Landing in an open area is undesirable – enemies will easily detect, there is nowhere to hide from them, there are almost no chests with objects.

There is no fall damage in Realm Royale, so you can land anywhere, even on the spire of the tower, and then jump from it.

If the height turns out to be too big, the character will make a heroic landing and become vulnerable for a couple of seconds until he plays the animation. Use height as a tactical ability, but remember snipers who can easily shoot a convenient target. How to win at Realm Royale tips

At any time in the round, you can summon a horse to move quickly or to escape from the poisonous fog. It will not be possible to escape from the players on the horse, since in this mode the character takes more damage.

The first minutes are very important.
Immediately after landing in Realm Royale, the character is completely defenseless – he does not have weapons, equipment or even abilities. All this is hidden in booty chests and is randomly determined.

There are three types of chests, the usefulness of which can be determined by size: weapons and abilities fall from large chests, and only potions from small chests. How to win at Realm Royale tips

The priority task in the first minutes is to find weapons and armor, abilities and potions are not so important and useful. Even with a simple dagger, you can kill any unarmed enemy. If you can’t find the chest, do not panic, but move on. Chests with objects are mainly located in buildings and secret places, search them first.

How to win at Realm Royale tips

When opening boxes and chests, the game will automatically pick up abilities, weapons and equipment for your character, do not worry that something inappropriate for the selected class will drop out. If there are several players in the squad, then the contents of the chest will be determined in accordance with the class of the character that opened it. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Deal with inventory and interface
In Realm Royale, inventory is combined with other elements of the user interface and all the information you need to know is shown next to the scale and ability icons. Pay attention to the lower left and right corners:

In the right, two slots for weapons are available, two slots for skills, the most extreme, the third slot, is occupied by a passive ability acting constantly. When approaching the subject, the game itself will offer you which slot to occupy.

In the lower left corner you can see strips of health and armor. There are four types of armor elements, to get full protection they need to collect everything, but you can replace the element with a better one. It also shows the number of chicken legs and shards – more on that later. How to win at Realm Royale tips

The game has four classes of items, weapons, armor and abilities. For simplicity, the class is indicated by color: ordinary – white, rare – green, epic – purple and legendary – gold. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Choose the best abilities
So, by default, active abilities in Realm Royale are not available, you need to look for them, like weapons. At the very beginning of the round, the Champion has only a passive ability. And here you need to follow a certain logic.

How to win at Realm Royale tips

Let us explain that a player cannot simultaneously use all the abilities of his class, since there are four of them, and there are only two slots, but he can change them. At the beginning of the round, any abilities that fall out of the chests will do. Over time, a card with a different ability will drop out and you need to decide whether to replace the current skill with it or ignore it. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Of course, as a beginner, you need to try all the available skills, but the basic principle is simple – current abilities should interact with weapons, movement and, in general, with the style of the game. Do not worry, there are only four active abilities. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Over time, when you memorize each ability and develop your own style, a tit in your hand will be better than a crane in the sky: if the replacement does not work, then it may take a long time before the previous ability falls out again.

Upgrade your armor
Armor is an important part of the game mechanics of Realm Royale, as it reduces the damage taken by health, but does not completely restrain it. The more armor the Champion has, the less damage he will receive, but the armor is not eternal, it needs to be constantly repaired or improved. How to win at Realm Royale tips

All characters start the round without armor. A full set of regular armor offers 200 points of protection and consists of four elements: a helmet, a bib, bracers and boots, that is, the cost of each element is 50 points of protection. At the same time, you cannot change the new armor element to the old one exactly the same.

Elements of armor drop out of killed enemies or open chests, in addition, there is a color differentiation. Rare (green) items give 100 points of protection, elite (purple) 150, legendary (gold) – 200. That is, at the end of the game, a character can have 800 points of protection. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Thus, the armor strip will grow all the time, and for fixing you must use the so-called “armor potion”.

Disassemble unnecessary equipment for fragments
In other Battle Royale games, unnecessary or useless items are thrown directly onto the ground. In Realm Royal, all unnecessary equipment and abilities that fall out of dead enemies or from boxes can be disassembled into fragments – just hold X. How to win at Realm Royale tips

How to win at Realm Royale tips

Shards, in turn, are used to create new, useful items. Everything that you are not going to use or cannot dress should be completely translated into fragments. The number of received fragments depends on the rarity of the item – for a regular helmet they will give only 5 fragments, and for an epic or legendary item you can gain from 30 to 50.

If you play as a team, then do not be selfish – ask your comrades if they need to disassemble a pair of objects you found for fragments. In the long run, this will provide an advantage, since each member of the squad will be able to pump to the maximum. How to win at Realm Royale tips

The maximum number of fragments that a player can store in the alpha version is 200, the character will not carry away more. This restriction encourages players to create equipment and potions, as well as share shards.

Craft items tirelessly
A distinctive feature of Realm Royale is the function of the forge, using which you can create potions, armor, weapons and abilities from the fragments. The main thing is to have the required number of fragments, and the forge can simultaneously craft several items for a variety of characters.

On the map, the forge is indicated by the yellow anvil symbol.
The cheapest offer is health and armor potions – only 30 shards. For 60 fragments, you can create an element of legendary armor, for 90 – the legendary ability of your class. After collecting 120 fragments, you can get the legendary weapon. How to win at Realm Royale tips

The last two groups of objects are determined randomly, accessible only through the forge, and may turn out to be the decisive link that is necessary for victory in the round.

In addition, to create the legendary outfit, a chicken leg is required – a special trophy that falls only from dead enemies.

Potion production takes 30 seconds, legendary equipment or ability 60 seconds. Players need to guard the forge all this time, since the created item will drop out of it, which will need to be picked up and attached in your inventory, by magic it will not appear there. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Get ready for defense, because when the forge is working, it smokes and this can be seen for many hundreds of meters. Your appearance in the forge will certainly be noticed by the closest enemies, and they will not fail to take advantage of the vulnerable position by starting to attack. Also, do not occupy the forge, when there is little time before the appearance of poisonous fog – it is better to find another one, good, there are enough of them in the game world.

Losing health is not the end
The champions at Realm Royale do not die with health points dropping to zero. They turn into a harmless chicken for 30 seconds. The game will end only if the chicken is killed, and this is not always a fact.

The chicken makes a lot of noise when it moves, but it is very brisk and fast, able to jump out of the window or jump higher, including even window sills or cornices. So the player’s task in such a situation is to hide and hide as soon as possible. Use a third-person view to view the most dangerous directions. How to win at Realm Royale tips

Without movement, the chicken does not make noise, and after a while he will turn back into the Champion, with all the weapons, abilities and equipment collected. If you killed the Champion, and he became a chicken, then you need to catch him and kill him as soon as possible in order to pick up his objects and chicken trophy in the form of a leg – we wrote above that they are needed to create new objects. How to win at Realm Royale tips

How to win at Realm Royale tips

Build your squad
The gameplay of Realm Royale offers not only the classic “every man for himself” mode, but also team modes for two or four players. This is the first battle royale game to have such a diverse online experience.

Team building begins even in the hangar of the airship, when you need to pick up the Champions that compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Landing is also better at one point. In the upper left corner shows the inventory and characteristics of your friends, follow them. How to win at Realm Royale tips

It’s more interesting and profitable to play in a team, the main thing is to establish communications. Realm Royale has few ways to communicate as the game progresses, so it’s better to use a microphone and a third-party program to communicate. How to win at Realm Royale tips

The party members must exchange information among themselves about everything that they see, tactically competently participate in the shootings, bypassing the enemy team from the rear, and in turn defend the forge.

The round should be based on team play – this means that all members of the squad exchange fragments, heal each other’s wounds and restore armor, and also cover the player who turned out to be a chicken.

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How to win at Realm Royale tips
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