Fast SSD - Smooth security solution protects your files t7 touch

Fast SSD – Smooth security solution protects your files t7 touch

Fast SSD – Smooth security solution protects your files t7 touch

Fast SSD - Smooth security solution protects your files t7 touch

Keep your privacy or important work files protected but without the hassle of downloading software and complicated passwords. Now there is an SSD with fingerprint reader.

Mobile phones have been equipped with fingerprint readers as a standard for several years, and it is becoming more and more common on computers. The advantage is that it is both fast, secure and user-friendly.

Now the solution has also found the SSD market. There are two advantages in particular. One is that you do not have to download software to every computer where you want to access your files and you also do not remember a password. The other advantage is that if you lose your portable SSD disk and someone else finds it then no one can crack your password. If they want to make the disk useful, they must restore it and then the material you have saved on it will disappear.

– It is easy to lose a portable unit and therefore it is important to think about the safety of it. If you drop it without it being locked, it’s like dropping a phone without a pin code, it’s open to everyone. If the SSD is unlocked, it is only for people to plug in the cord and access your files, says Jani Laaksonen, product manager at Samsung.

SSD that protects your private files?
Therefore, to protect SSD disks, there are disks both with and without encryption. Of course, you who want to protect your files should choose one with 256-bit encryption.

The question then is whether you want to keep up with the software and password, or if you want a smoother and more modern solution.

– What I know is that we only have encryption in combination with fingerprint readers. Therefore, you do not need to install anything on the computer, when the fingerprint is registered, it unlocks the device without any additional software, says Jani Laaksonen.

Samsung T7 TouchSamsung T7 Touch is the portable SSD drive Jani talks about. On it you can register up to four different fingerprints, and they do not have to belong to the same individual.

– Say you work at a desk and four people work with the material, then the four can have their own fingerprints. This means that it is only the people who access the counter, says Jani.

T7 Touch is almost twice as fast as the company’s SSD T5, but still comes with USB-C so it works with a wide range of devices without the need to buy an adapter. In other words, it is almost 10 times faster than a mechanical hard drive. You have a read speed of 1050 megabits per second and a write speed of 1000 megabits per second.

The advantage of choosing an SSD disk over a mechanical hard drive is also that it is much more durable because it lacks moving parts. With the T7 Touch you get both an extremely fast and durable portable hard drive with very high security and at the same time a good user-friendliness.

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Fast SSD – Smooth security solution protects your files t7 touch
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